Laboratory test equipment

Laboratory MSU mixer-settler units

  • MSU-0,5 mixer-settler units - compactly designed, laboratory mixer-settler units, suitable for the evaluation of the chemistry in solvent extraction processes.
    (Info 01-2010)
  • MSU-5 and 15 mixer-settler units - laboratory mixer-settler units, suitable for the evaluation of solvent extraction process data.
    (Info 02-2010)

The AKUFVE and H-centrifuge systems (Info 03-2010)

  • The new AKUFVE 120 - instrument for the rapid and accurate measurement of partition factors in solvent extraction. The operation of the instrument is a continuous sequence of mixing, separation and measuring the content in two immiscible liquid phases.
    (Info-1 04-2010) (Info-2 03-2010)
  • The H-Centrifuge - specially designed liquid-flow centrifuge for the separation of a mixture of two immiscible liquid phases into two extremely pure phases.
    (Info 05-2010)
  • The ADMCS-10 unit - mini-AKUFVE equipment for rapid and accurate measurement of partition factors in solvent extraction.
    (Info 06-2010)
  • The SMCS-10 unit for small-scale processing in solvent extraction.
    (Info 07-2010)
  • The micro-SISAK system, a multi-stage mixer-(centrifugal)settler arrangement for continuous solvent extraction separation of short-lived radioisotopes.
    (Info 07B-2010)

Industrial Solvent Extraction Process Equipment

Mixer-settler process equipment

MSU-SQ mixer-settler units - industrial mixer-settler unit, available in many standard sizes. The tailor-made units are produced on request.
(Info 08-2010)

The pulsed U-column

The pulsed U-column - industrial pulsed sieve plate twin column arrangement used in solvent extraction. The pulses are swinging like a gyratory movement between two columns, giving low energy input and smooth operation. Tailor-made equipment is produced on request.
(Info 09-2010)
MSU 0,5 4+2+2 setup.

Valvesystem on AKUFVE-120

MSU industrial arrangement.

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